Heated Gutters – Heated Replacement Gutters – CT, RI, MA


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Heated Gutters – Heated Replacement Gutters – CT, MA, RI

Helps Eliminate all snow and ice on gutters period. Hott Topper

How many times have you asked yourself, “I wish there was a way to eliminate those icicles, perilously hanging from my gutters.”  Well look no more. A way to heat gutters or have your heated replacement gutters heated. You’ve found the answer.  Hott Topper is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Gutter Topper to eliminate the snow and ice buildup on top of your gutter protection. As the weather fluctuates, the icicles can begin to thaw and the water that drips onto sidewalks and driveways below can re-freeze and create a dangerous, slippery icy patch.  Hott Topper will melt the ice and snow on top of your Gutter Topper, allowing the water to enter your gutter and thereby help to protect you from these liabilities.  And with the heating element inside your gutter and downspout, the possibility of ice building up in the gutter and causing damage to your home, is virtually eliminated. Isn’t it time you enjoyed the winter season without worrying about the snow and ice buildup?  Hott Topper is the cost effective solution to the problems winter can cause. 
Hott Topper services all of CT Counties – Litchfield CT – New Haven CT – Farmington CT – Tolland CT- Putnam CT- Middletown CT
We also service all of RI and Western Mass